The most important journey in life must be that of self-discovery. By knowing ourselves we are able to bless the world with our unique individual truth. We can be aided in this discovery through our connection with nature as it is the rhythm of this world which connects us all in time and space. It is the principals of biological science which allow us to study and understand this relationship on a physical level. A knowledge of these processes can encourage us to grow and develop with empathy and humility furthering understanding of our place in relation to others.

Our “Sonshine Cub” project is intended to expose young and inquiring minds to the magic of nature. An appreciation of the life that surrounds us can help us acknowledge our individuality more consciously. As the name of this project suggests, our programs place a bit of a special focus on young male learners by encouraging them to learn and grow into their roles in society responsibly. We look to the elder members of our team as role models of integrity in their conduct towards others and the environment.

Our masculine focus is however balanced by our sister company, Nonki Nice Productions. Meaning “Nice little Miss”, the sisters contribute their expertise in theatrical and creative expression assisting us to develop in all learners a broad range of communicative abilities and learning skills.